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Alternate Color Scheme for Elements
Just finished gathering references for alternate colors for the elements - the list is viewable here. I'll go through it later and suggest colors for each in RGB format.

I ran into a similar problem as Marvin - the pure elements are mostly silver metals, the salts are mostly white powders and the ores are mostly gray rocks, but with enough exceptions to add a bit of variety. Some of the ores have cool shapes too.
Thanks for doing this! When I try to open the doc up it says I need to ask for permission, and I clicked on the button to do so. I think you need to go into sharing settings for that doc and make it public so anyone can view it without asking for permission.
Done - first post has been updated with a working link.
Still working through the list, but here's my first set of recommendations in (r,g,b) format. From these I'd recommend using the ore colours for aluminum, antimony and copper. I recommend salt colours for chromium and cobalt.

Metal: Base: (128,128,128) Specular: (224,224,224)
Ore: Base: (165,42,42)  Specular: (255,128,0)
Salt: Base: (224,224,224) Specular: (255,255,255)

Metal: Base: (96,96,96) Specular: (224,224,224)
Ore: Base: (96,96,96) Specular: (160,160, 160)
Salt: Base: (224,224,224) Specular: (255,255,255)

Metal: Base: (128,128,128) Specular: (224,224,224)
Ore: Base: (96,96,96) Specular: (192,192,192)
Salt: Base: (102,0,255) Specular: (204,153,255)

Metal: Base: (126,131,126) Specular: (224,230,224)
Ore: Base: (178,73,46) Specular: (199,139,117)
Salt: Base: (51,153,255) Specular: (153,204,255)

Metal: Base: (255,128,0) Specular: (255,204,153)
Ore: Base: (0,102,51) Specular: (0,153,76)
Salt: Base: (0,204,102) Specular: (0,255,128)
I'll be updating all of the colors when the rest of them are done. Looking forward to it!

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