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2 more..

1- Dedicated fire key for the TV like in space combat. Plus unlimited planet creature/lifeform gathering like on Genesis as apparently PC had a stupid limit making it not a viable money making option.

2- Make Arth red (is currently a blue/green fertile earth like world). Lore wise Arth despite having fertile earth like stats is supposed to be red.. its red on genesis and even in the pc version its system icon is not blue like other earth like worlds.. its that browny red colour if Im not mistaken.

Now thanks to Marvin's awesome atmosphere colouring we've got purple rock worlds and green ice worlds regardless of their surface colouring which is very cool. So I was thinking is it possible to create an extra 'bogus' red atmosphere type and then apply it to Arth? It will still be a beautiful earth like world but it'll have that nice red tinge to it that players expect. DONE!
(01-27-2019, 09:30 PM)SavageMind Wrote: [ -> ]Will you implement use of game pad? As much as a purist as I can be. I have RA and gamepads are easier on my hands than keyboard and mouse.

It should already work with gamepads.  When you start the game, you are shown a configuration window.  Click on the "Input" tab and update the controls to map to your gamepad.  But it might already work with your gamepad as-is without having to remap anything - give it a try.

(01-29-2019, 04:23 AM)Blake00 Wrote: [ -> ]not a viable monkey making option.

I'm guessing "monkey making" is an Aussie thing?  You weirdos.   Tongue
(01-29-2019, 02:27 PM)Marvin Herbold Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-29-2019, 04:23 AM)Blake00 Wrote: [ -> ]not a viable monkey making option.

I'm guessing "monkey making" is an Aussie thing?  You weirdos.   Tongue

DOH!!!! Fixed lol.
(01-11-2019, 06:34 AM)Blake00 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh yes that's another wish list item I forgot.. more mouse controls in general (eg being able to click on menu items).. in testing I keep going to use it only to find it does nothing lol. I prefer using mouse in the Amiga version. Even when I play my beloved Genesis version I find myself missing the mouse controls lol. I guess it's just such a fundamental part of the modern PC gaming experience.

This is something I would greatly appreciate!  I'm not the most dexterous eye-hand game player.  I found competing with Uhleks, and later the Umanu, practically impossible trying to move through the menus with the cursor arrows.  But another thought: keyboard shortcuts would also help negotiate the ship menu system.  How about both?!  Mouse navigation AND keyboard shortcuts!  Both would be awesome!
New feature request:

Add bigger engine glow effect and a small energy trail coming out the back to give the ship less of a skating on ice effect.

There is already an engine glow but its only viewable when the camera is practically up the arse of the ship which there's not much point in as most of the time you'll be seeing the ship in top down haha.

Gamxin & I agree that the big old fashioned rocket thrust effect of the genesis version was a bit much and that a nice glowing energy effect would be cooler. Kinda like in homeworld engine effects, but small and not as ridiculously long as theirs haha.
[Image: homeworld_screenshot.0.png]

Modern day Ion engines probably provide a better visual example of what would look cool! Nice glow, small trail.
[Image: solar_electric_propulsion_0.jpg]
Wish list item:

Regardless of whether someone does a full genesis style mod one day it would be cool if there's a mod option for a more genesis style main ship model with the 2 engines on the 2 rear sections instead of 1 in the center of the ship. It was also a very meaty military kinda meaner looking model both in game and in the manual (the design by the artist who did the manual is prob my favourite one).

Genesis manual

Genesis cover
[Image: Starflight-Mega-Drive-Sega-Genesis.jpg]

Genesis ingame
[Image: 9eac65af95f675f71dc27d0d2636800a3fd99720.png]

Genesis In-game cutscene:
[Image: Icon.1.png]
[Image: Starflight2.png]
Greetings from Inkopolis! Colonel Sigma Skye, 107th Splatlancers. I'm a big fan of the Starflight Genesis port, as well. And I was wondering when the gen branch becomes possible, I want to create a whole 'nother starmap for another open campaign, with more stars, planets, and even moons, some of which can be colonizable.

The story revolves around the Endurium lifeforms. Seems like they haven't learned their lesson as another crystal planet is causing more havoc to nearby star systems, siphoning the stars' hydrogen and making them go nova faster than their expected expiration date. You, the captain must find that other crystal planet and destroy it the same way you did with the first one.

But, this is not an ordinary search-and-destroy mission, after learning of the crystalline race's sentience, perhaps you have a good reason to go against directive and protocol, by negotiating peace with the Endurium. The choice is yours, and yours alone!
Greetings and Salutations one and all!

Just a few suggestions that might be fun:

1. Random Comets that you have to dodge if you're sitting idle in space too long. Or maybe you can duck into the comet's tail if you're trying to elude Uhleks or Garzurtoid.

2. Gas clouds and or asteroids you can mine ala Homeworld if you are really low on fuel. Not as efficient or powerful as Endurium, but useful in an emergency.

3. Hazards to navigate like asteroid belts, meteor swarms, black holes, white dwarves, neutron stars, gamma ray pulses, gravity wells and galactic barriers like in the Star Trek episode "Where no Man has Gone Before." Possibly you can earn a fee from INSTELL for logging the danger zone.

4. An Ancient Artifact that if you sell it to the Spemin, or other races, it turns them into mindlessly aggressive Space psychotics. The only way to reverse this situation is to find the race's home world, locate the object and steal it back or  use a Black Egg on the planet. Of course you maybe fined big time for nuking a formerly friendly planet....

5. Headlights on the TV for night ops and an IR/passive scanner for detecting life forms in the dark.

6. Multi tasking for the crew. If, for example, you encounter an energy barrier that kills your navigator, you have to swap the communications officer. Navigating will be much less efficient until you get back to base and hire a replacement. Maybe you'll need a few Red Shirts around as spare crewmen.

7. Multiple world inhabited by the main alien species. You run into them on more than one planet. If you try to log their planet for colonization, you get fined by the Company.
Greetings everyone,

I have posted this earlier under the "Great to be here" topic but I there was no reply. I guess maybe it was the wrong place. Anyway, I have read somewhere that there was a request for the original Starflight intro music. I have with me an enhanced version of the intro music by John Kemp (1998). Anyone still wants it?
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