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Full Version: Aquaman's mom is my 2nd cousin by marriage
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Kind of a weird subject for a message, but it's true.

Here's how it goes...

Starting with me, there's my father Bob, and then my grandfather Fulton.  Then we have Fulton's brother Louis, who had a kid named Max.  Max got married to Eva (this is where the "by marriage" part comes in), and Eva has a sister Mabel.  Mabel's daughter is Coni, and Coni's son is... *drumroll, please* Aquaman!  Otherwise known as Jason Momoa.  So, I am a 2nd cousin by marriage to Coni, and my kids are 3rd cousins by marriage to Jason.

I have never met him.

Meanwhile I have no relation to Jason and I've met him and shook his hand twice hahaha. Tongue
Ha, really? That's cool. The third time you meet him you can give him a bro hug from me and say "Hey, I'm good friends with your second cousin by marriage once removed!"   Tongue
I'll be sure to do that.. right after he punches me for hugging him hahaha.

He's been to 2 comicons in my city. To most including us it would seem strange that he'd come to a little comicon in Adelaide South Australia but apparently he used to live here and his mum still does lol! He's not Australian so that's pretty crazy that he lived in little old Adelaide haha.

2013.. dicked up my smile and showed too much teeth haha.. turns out we're the same height.. i thought he was taller haha

2017 stargate group photo.. there was a family with little kid in front of me so he took his rude/awesome tshirt off and turned it inside out.. then he took it off again to put it right way out for the photo with me lol.. all those excited girls in the long line before me missed out so the impressive view was rather wasted on me hahaha
So awesome, Blake. Aquaman is doing extremely well at the box office.
Yeah it is! Just finally saw it myself a few days ago.
Quite difficult to understand, but interesting.