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Full Version: Input required after leaving dock
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So I left the dock and just waited for it to transition to overhead view and it just didn't do it. All I had was a black screen after the cutscene. I had to press a key in order to get out of there. Was this by design? 

Now that I am playing with it, I hope you don't mind, but I will be posting my thoughts often. Thanks for the hard work!
After leaving the dock the game expects you to go into "Navigation" and select "Maneuver". This is what it does in the original game as well (you stare at black nothingness until you do so).

No problem with posting your thoughts. :-) Just keep in mind I'm trying to stay with the gameplay mechanics of the original CGA / EGA version until the whole game is made. Then once I have that baseline, there's a good chance I will be adding "mods" to the game that you can turn on and off to change the experience. With all mods "off" the game behaves just like the EGA version, including having to select "Navigation" and "Maneuver" to finish leaving the spacedock.