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Wish List / Feature Requests / Project Ideas
Just a reminder guys that Marvin's company that he runs is taking on a big project for the next few months so he's unable to work on the remake and probably won't be around here until so apologies in advance for slow replies! Smile

(03-24-2019, 06:46 PM)ColSigmaSkye Wrote: Greetings from Inkopolis! Colonel Sigma Skye, 107th Splatlancers. I'm a big fan of the Starflight Genesis port, as well. And I was wondering when the gen branch becomes possible, I want to create a whole 'nother starmap for another open campaign, with more stars, planets, and even moons, some of which can be colonizable.

The story revolves around the Endurium lifeforms. Seems like they haven't learned their lesson as another crystal planet is causing more havoc to nearby star systems, siphoning the stars' hydrogen and making them go nova faster than their expected expiration date. You, the captain must find that other crystal planet and destroy it the same way you did with the first one.

But, this is not an ordinary search-and-destroy mission, after learning of the crystalline race's sentience, perhaps you have a good reason to go against directive and protocol, by negotiating peace with the Endurium. The choice is yours, and yours alone!

That sounds very cool man. You might be interested in John's Genesis mod for Starflight The Lost Colony. We wants to convert TLC into a Genesis sequel game and add new story elements like you! It's coming along very well!

(04-23-2019, 02:57 AM)Douglas128 Wrote: Greetings everyone,

I have posted this earlier under the "Great to be here" topic but I there was no reply. I guess maybe it was the wrong place. Anyway, I have read somewhere that there was a request for the original Starflight intro music. I have with me an enhanced version of the intro music by John Kemp (1998). Anyone still wants it?

Hi Doug! I'll go post a reply in your other thread. Smile
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