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Other Space Simulators
Just for fun I thought I'd make a thread about some of the other awesome space exploration and space rogue/combat sim games out there I like.. others are welcome to post about there's here too!

Eg If there's any old Freelancer or Wing Commander Privateer fans here, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has gotta be the closest thing I've seen to these games yet!!! Gorgeous planet landings FTW!

I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuge Freelancer fan (so much so I run a fb fan group haha). Fans still mod it to this day creating cool stuff but somehow this great old game never got a sequel. This new game is by far the closest I've ever seen to Freelancer.

Sadly it’s an Epic store exclusive for now but that’s okay, I'll just wait for it to come to steam as I’m in no hurry due to my endless gaming to do list lol.

This guy has done a good video review of it:

Here's some sexy screens I found around the net:
[Image: oXDyrvX.png]

[Image: RGOScreen4.png]

[Image: 6G6ZpxFP.jpg]

[Image: c5YTYja.jpg]

[Image: 3435314-rebel.jpg]

Well here I was recently talking about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw here and now looks like we’ve got another game very similar to Freelancer and Wing Commander Privateer on the way called Starpoint Gemini 3, woohoo lol! The previous Starpoint Gemini games were sort of Freelancer/WCP like but involved tactical capital ship combat whereas this new Starpoint Gemini 3 game is very Freelancer like with Fighter based play and landing on planets & space stations to trade and visit their seedy space bars for work!! It also has an interesting (unfinished) side game where you take control of a small probe infiltrating derelicts and space stations avoiding security systems that sort of reminds me of some of X2 – The Threat’s side missions.

The game is still in early access on steam so naturally it lacks polish but is already looking absolutely gorgeous!! The only fault I have with its otherwise stunning graphics are the very plastic mannequin like people but apparently the devs have said they'll be fixing that.

This guy has done a good video preview of it:

Here's some sexy screens I found around the place:
[Image: ss_a74c142d56ed1e64087d664aef502bde355e8...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_f2c682cb3a0335750e8bd188426379bece390...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: sg3.jpg]

[Image: ss_0d1e3b38ba1f4abd1216a86a8d1efabb60758...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_b00af0c607cac19397069412fb96556fd1d1d...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_13dea9867d6fa657b0b3128e8c8a7b2ac9df6...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_1c3a9250d5a40810e7be044dbf9074705bf02...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_59f9c1eed3c1f52278baea2e2debb3dc44aaa...0x1080.jpg]

We've got another one lol! One of the great bonuses of me making a Freelancer FB group a while back is that members alert me (the slightly obsessed fan lol) to all Freelancer & Wing Commander Privateer 'spiritual sequels' on the way haha. Been a good year so far.. first Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Then Starpoint Gemini 3 and now we've got Everspace 2!

The sequel is looking even more amazing than the first one did. The whole rogue like randomly generated galaxy put me off playing the last one but it sounds like they're going proper open world detailed pre-made galaxy like good old Freelancer this time around! And the planet surface areas look awesome too! Kickstarter total looks a bit worrying though but hopefully they get there over the line!

This guy has done a good video preview of it:

Here's some sexy screens I found around the place:
[Image: ss_281959baff798b9c6d3043aac3e59fb8babf6...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_6cc4d7a1428620e18bca920f866be21830769...0x1080.jpg]

[Image: ss_4d610538118f701942fcc47e6c4f648cd1b6e...0x1080.jpg]

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