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New to Unity.
So I plan to start messing with Unity. So any major things or useful resources from your perspective I should keep in mind or check out? Thanks
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The biggest source of info is the main Unity documentation, but unfortunately, there's a lot of information just plain missing from it or is not explained very well. Unity is in a state of flux - new features are being added and old features are becoming obsolete and stale. I'm finding that I have to Google for Unity info quite a bit. Then there are the Unity bugs. I think I have around 5 open bugs filed with Unity. It can get frustrating sometimes.

If you're just getting started I would suggest doing the official Unity tutorials which have videos and take you step-by-step through creating some sample games.
Also - obviously you can fork my Starflight GitHub repository and just mess with the game - make it do things your way. :-)

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