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Sensors and Analysis for each planet
The next step in the analysis of the planets is finally accomplished. The sensor and analysis readings of all planets (for full science skills). I had a hard time figuring out the random seed for each planet.

I have put the output of my program here.

The source code will soon be part of the repository on
The code emulates the Forth interpreter of the original Starflight game.
This is awesome - I was able to use your pastebin data to fill in the missing information for some planets. Now all of the planets in the game are accurate. You can check out my data here:
I hope you don't mind, I added you to the credits screen.

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No problem with the credits screen :-). The reverse engineering took a long time and I am happy to help.

I was being able to extract the text when you click on MAPS when you are in the terrain vehicle.

Interesting, that there are only CARPET like lifeforms.

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