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Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. You're doing fantastic work.

I was reminiscing with my son about this game (he's 30 now). He was just a baby when I played it but he remembers it and how much I liked it. It may have been one of the first computer games I bought. I started looking for it online to see if anyone still remembered it and found your work. I tried out your latest build and love what you're doing. I'm eager to see the completed version. I've only tried flying around the home solar system, and landing on one planet. I noticed you couldn't mine anything and realized you were still working on game features.

This was one of those games that I liked so much that I could not bring myself around to throwing it away. Even though computers evolved way beyond my original 5 1/4 floppies, I still kept the original PC version. I dug it out of one of my old software boxes and it's all still there. I even have my old poorly organized notes with flux locations, etc. I can't remember exactly why, but I had never completed the game. I think after hours of playing, my saved game was written over by a family member trying it out, and I didn't want to start it all over again. I'd love to play it again now though.

Thanks again. I will be following your work. Any idea of an expected timeframe for completion?

Thank you for your very nice words. :-)

I also still have my original box as well. I got the CGA version first and then later updated to the EGA version.

I have no idea when this game will be complete, as far as having all of the features of the original game. I do this on the side as a hobby and have other things that require my attention, but I do put most of my free time into this game. I think it's safe to say "sometimes this year". :-)

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