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Alien voice-overs
I have to ask. Have you considered adding voice acting for the aliens and the crew? I'm sure you can tap the community for volunteers for a meer credits mention. I wanna be the blobbies!!!!!
Rigel, "Did you just shoot him?"
Rigel, "Why?!"
Cairne, "He was an asshole."
Rigel, "That's not illegal!"
Cairne, "It's not?"
Rigel, "No!"
Cairne, "I hate this damn planet. By the way, we may wanna leave."
Rigel, "Why?"
Cairne, "I winged his brother in the bathroom too."
It was brought up before - it is technically possible but there is so much dialogue and the all of the aliens (except the Mechans) would have to speak in an alien language. It would take some serious commitment to get audio recordings of all the possible dialogue, and the quality would have to be there (no computer fan or background noise, etc). If someone wants to volunteer to do all of them that would be great.

All of the alien dialogue is in this spreadsheet:

Look under the m_commList tab. There are about 500 lines.

We've also thought about having the Arth ship computer and crew having a voice.

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