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Great to be here
Really great that there is a forum started for a new release of Starlight.

Got the old Starflight 1 game installed and started playing it again after years of comparing every other space game to it.
No one ever came close. I still have my original game, Jacket, inserts, code wheel, starmap (edited).

First time into the game was with a buddy, but he was in for a few episodes... but found myself alone in a new, and strange universe.. 
Had a blast and finished the game. Then played it a few more times... 
Nothing compares to going around on a planets surface only to come across some Pyramids and some ancient artifacts!!

Can't wait to play it again...but...
looking forward to something new as well.
I never did play Starflight 2, but i have that as well and will get into that.

Will look to follow any progress with the new project and good to see some other star travelers still around...

What about the original devs? What they did on a couple of floppy disks really inspired me.
Became a programmer: dBase/Clipper then into networks, worked for SMC, then enterprise networks, and ran the network in North America for an International Airline.
Do you think Starflight had anything to do with that? yea, it did.
Welcome, fellow Arthling! Download the remake and let us know what you think of it so far. :-)
Welcome mate!
[Image: BGx3xEC.gif]
Blake's Sanctum - Starflight Series
fan page containing pics, vids, info, walkthroughs, & fan games!

I just recently came across this remake of a great game while getting an update on Starflight 3. Great job!

It really brings back memories.

Btw, I saw that you were asking for the midi or enhance music score of the PC's Starflight intro. You may be in luck. I have with me a copy of the enhanced midi that was done way back in 1998 by John Kemp during the early stage of Starflight 3 development. I have since did some update to the instruments used.

Do you still want a copy?

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