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This is so amazing
I have to rave a bit, and also rant.
I played Starflight II as a little kid in the 80s. My big brother was a better gamer than I was, so mostly what I remember was my sense of awe. My fear when I saw an UHL, and my delight at winning an adorable Dweenle to my crew. I built countless Humna-Humna out of plasticene. I remember the race that had three phases, and having to negotiate with them. I have often said that I learned how to barter from Starflight II - it's served me well when I do work in West Africa among communities where haggling is a must!

Later I found Star Control and Star Control 2, and loved them fiercely. We never did finish Starflight II though - and I always wanted to.

Over and over, as an adult, I'd try to play the game again, and the clunky interface impeded me every time. With the internet, I learned about Starflight I, which we'd never had access to as kids. If SF2 was hard on the eyes, I bemoaned, surely SF1 would be impossible. 
I have a 5 year old son now, and he's a Star Control fanatic. He recites the theme songs to every single alien race, and recreates epic starbattles in the bathtub. And I've been wanting SO badly to share the game that started it all for me. But how? The only reason he is so enthralled with SC2 is the Ur-Quan Masters.. if only, I've said for years, someone was doing a GOOD remake of these older games!

And here you are!
And having dubiously downloaded it - it's GORGEOUS!!!!
So thank you.
You've made a middle aged gamer-girl very happy.
Thanks for your support! I am really looking forward to getting back to it and finishing the remake. :-)
Welcome! Thats a nice fan story.

Hopefully Marvin will be back working on the remake around sept/oct ish once he's sorted out his work commitments. Smile
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