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Building the Game
Hello! This post tells you all about building the game yourself using Unity in a step-by-step fashion.  This assumes you have already downloaded the Starflight code and data using GitHub as described in another post.

1. Download Unity

The Unity installer can be downloaded from here.  You should be able to use the latest version of Unity to build this Starflight remake.

2. Install Unity

After downloading the Unity installer, run it.  This will launch the Unity Download Assistant which will actually download and install Unity for you.  You will need to accept the Unity Terms of Service.  When presented with a list of components to install, the only thing that is required is the base Unity stuff which is the first item in the list.

3. Run Unity

After Unity is installed, run it.  You will be asked to create a Unity account or sign in.  Do that.

4. Open the Starflight Remake

After signing into Unity, you will be presented with a Projects window where you can create a new Unity project or open an existing one.  Click on the Open option, which is located in between the "New" and "My Account" options.  Navigate to the Unity Starflight sub-folder under the GitHub Starflight folder.  The path will look something like: C:\Users\[account]\Documents\GitHub\starflight\Starflight

Please note that "Starflight" appears twice in the path.

5. Wait

When opening the project in Unity for the first time, it can take a long time.  This is because Unity has to process all of the scripts and images and other files, and there are quite a lot of them.  When updating and opening the project again later, it  will go much faster because Unity only needs to process the changed and new files.

6. Build the Game

Within Unity, navigate to File > Build.  Click on the "Build and Run" button.  It will ask you where to put the game.  I usually tell it to put it in a Starflight folder located right inside the Documents folder.  After you select the folder, Unity will start building the game.  After a while, if all goes well Unity will finish building the game and then run it for you.

Any Questions?

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