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Aquaman's mom is my 2nd cousin by marriage
Kind of a weird subject for a message, but it's true.

Here's how it goes...

Starting with me, there's my father Bob, and then my grandfather Fulton.  Then we have Fulton's brother Louis, who had a kid named Max.  Max got married to Eva (this is where the "by marriage" part comes in), and Eva has a sister Mabel.  Mabel's daughter is Coni, and Coni's son is... *drumroll, please* Aquaman!  Otherwise known as Jason Momoa.  So, I am a 2nd cousin by marriage to Coni, and my kids are 3rd cousins by marriage to Jason.

I have never met him.


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Aquaman's mom is my 2nd cousin by marriage - by Marvin Herbold - 01-02-2019, 07:44 PM

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