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Creature list.
This is the list of creatures. I will get info and screenings of each:

Rigel, "Did you just shoot him?"
Rigel, "Why?!"
Cairne, "He was an asshole."
Rigel, "That's not illegal!"
Cairne, "It's not?"
Rigel, "No!"
Cairne, "I hate this damn planet. By the way, we may wanna leave."
Rigel, "Why?"
Cairne, "I winged his brother in the bathroom too."
Thanks mate. As I still haven't had any luck finding Genesis or even the PC SF1 lifeform stats or pictures. All I have is my old handdrawn list from my childhood lol. I know I saw a full Genesis creature list with locations and stats etc on the net 5 or so years ago. Such a shame I can't find it now.

Zharous/Steve of may have just helped a little bit. Does anyone know how similar the surface creatures in SF2 were to SF1 on PC? Presumably there were more but some hopefully carried over? If so he does have a full creature stats page for SF2:

He's also shown me that on page 28-32 of the SF2 manual there are full blown pictures of all the creatures!!

If we do use Genesis creatures as a source then it would help Marvin to see how they animate. I think they're pretty simple though, just 2-3 frames probably.

Sadly I'm not seeing any carry over or similar names between the Genesis SF1 list you posted & Steve's PC SF2 though.. that's a shame. But the PC starflight 1 was different (it had plants and stuff) so I wonder if there's still similarities between those 2 games. If there are then those lifeform pictures from the SF2 manual could be very useful.
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IIRC, SF1 creatures on PC were generated procedurally; there was no set list of lifeforms, and they certainly weren't given individual names. I'll have to check through my files again; I know that there were given verbal attributes and intended behaviors to go along with them - stuff like "Aggression: Wolf" and so forth. The creature creation procedure I came up for SFRPG was loosely based on that system.

"Bitchin'" was one of the attributes IIRC.

I also seem to recall that each creature had a "mate", which in this case means that it was simply paired up with another creature for purposes of determining its behaviors. For example, an herbivore matched up with a producer; if the producer was sessile, it would sit there and do nothing, while the herbivore would likely go and eat its "mate". Things like that. I don't know if those behaviors actually made it into the game or not but I know that was Binary Systems' original intent.
Thanks for your input Steve, procedural certainly makes things a lot harder! Marvin sent me a ginourmous list of all the different little pieces used by the creature generator showing that there are millions of possible outcomes.. eek! And yes Bitchin was one of them haha! Good news is Sebastian who's doing the awesome Starflight Reverse Engineering Project on Github has successfully extracted the creature creator code though which is very cool!

Sebastian Macke Wrote:The lifeform generation can be found at

Now, that I have finished the sensor reading I can try to list all creatures and stats for each planet.

Also I was chatting with Marvin and he sent me these pictures showing how no matter what sort of crazy creature is generated they all still come under a locked set number of creature groups each with their own little picture. So perhaps these better match with the SF2 manual pictures giving Marv a decent source to create a limited number of simply low poly creature models and then their stats and descriptions can still be proceduraly generated like in the original game.


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Blake's Sanctum - Starflight Series
fan page containing pics, vids, info, walkthroughs, & fan games!

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