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Bug in Operations
Hello, new user here and very excited by the project.
On entering Operations in a new game, I read the introductory message, and the cursor immediately moved to "Exit" the menu. However, remembering that in SF2, there had sometimes been other messages after the important ones, I used the side arrow key to ideally go to 'next' and instead, the usability of all keys vanished. I couldn't exit the menu or move through messages at all. 
I closed the game manually.
This issue remained in Personnel also, where I found after creating two files, when I attempted to scroll through the available races from right to left instead of using my right arrow, I was unable to recruit anyone, or again, to exit the menu. The cursor keys lose their highlighted quality and function.
This may be due to the mouse - if you try to click on the screen using the mouse weird things happen. The game was designed to be used by the keyboard only. I haven't found a way to completely turn off mouse interaction with the UI in Unity yet. Try it again but this time after running the game don't click on the screen using the mouse. See if that makes a difference.

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