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Needed: EGA Screenshots of Ship Scans
I need them for both the “Sensors” and “Analysis” for all of the ships you can encounter in the game. There are 23 ships you can encounter – they are:

Spemin Transport
Spemin Scout
Spemin Warship
Mechan Scout
Elowan Transport
Elowan Scout
Elowan Warship
Thrynn Transport
Thrynn Scout
Thrynn Warship
Veloxi Transport
Veloxi Scout
Veloxi Warship
Gazurtoid Scout
Gazurtoid Warship
Uhlek Scout
Uhlek Warship
Veloxi Drone
Nomad Probe
The Enterprise
Noah 9 Derelict Transport

Post your screenshots as replies to this message.  I will keep this message updated by crossing out the ones I have received, so you know what is still missing.

For instructions on taking screenshots are here.
Mechan Scout


Spemin Scout


Velox Scout


Velox Transport


Velox Warship

Here's a bunch of the analysis screens I took screenshots of 10 years ago. Unfortunately did not record the "sensors" data since it is only the mineral list which is well known:

(scroll down to SHIP TABLE)

I'm running into the attachment limit of 5 so I'm just zipping them all up.

p.s.  As you destroy certain enemy ships (Uhlek for example) the shield class of the "survivors" keeps increasing.  If anyone else takes screenshots make sure that you haven't destroyed any ships of that type in the game.

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Whoa, those are perfect! Question - the image labeled "empire transport" is that the one for the Noah derelict?
Yes, from 175,94

Another question - I've noticed that the "X times the size of our ship" in analysis seem to vary for the same race and ship type. For example, I've seen it say 1.0x, 0.4x, and 0.7x for the Mechan Scout. Do you have any idea what this is based on?
Your ship's mass as provided in the ship configuration at starport greatly affects how it maneuvers in combat.  I decided to check this out and configure a ship with only engines, and the mechan scout showed up as "2.0 times the size of our ship"

Looking up the ship table, 200 tons for the mechans / X tons for your ship = calculated size.

200 / 100 tons = 2.0 for these screenshots

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Ah! That makes sense. Although not really realistic - size and mass are different concepts... but that really helps! I already have the mass of the alien ships (from the sf1data file) and the mass of the player's ship... so it's easy to calculate.

I just started another thread about figuring out how the science officer's skill affects the display of this information. Do you have any insight into this? Like what skill level and how random is it for it to say "Not certain" for parts of the display.
I was able to extract all vessel types. There are 25 vessel types all together. You can find the sensor and analysis readings in the following image

I have set our ship mass to 1.

Of course I have everything in numbers, tables and strings as well. However it is more complicated to figure out how everything plays together.

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