Greetings, Arthlings!

Yesterday, I spent most of the time updating the game data for the Starflight remake.  Huge thanks to Daniel Blakeley of Australia for finding planetary surveys that were done as part of an SF3 fan project.  These planetary surveys included stuff like the orbit number, mass, bio-density, mineral density, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, gravity, temperature, and weather of every planet in the SF1 universe.  Well, except for four of them – not sure if they are special or inaccessible planets or what.  But this was a huge time saver for me.  I have already incorporated this data into the game data file that I use for my remake.  Here is the link to the game data file if you are interested:

I have also updated the code to scale the size of each planet model up based on the amount of gravity the planet has.  So, gas giants are now big and rock planets are small.