Over the last couple of days, I spent most of my time just polishing things up and making the remake really shine.  I completely updated the astronaut that you control while at starport – he moves around much better.  I uploaded the original mesh to mixamo.com and they were able to skin and rig it much better than I ever could.  Then, I searched for and downloaded a few animations that they had available for it.  Unfortunately, there is no foot tapping animation on Mixamo.  But, I did find a few good ones that I put into the remake.

I also refactored a few small things – like relocated some code to components where it made more sense to belong.  And I fixed quite a few bugs – especially a really nasty save game bug relating to the copy save game feature.  Overall the game feels much more polished, and is ready for new features!

Here are some silly screenshots I took while messing around with the astronaut on Mixamo.