Gearing up for communications with the Mechan 9 robots, I searched around and found a halfway decent robot head on the ‘net.  I brought it into Blender, exported it into the Collada file format, and then imported it into Max.  All of the textures and materials were lost, of course.  It’s 2018 – you would’ve thunk that people would have found a way to share materials and textures seamlessly between 3D modeling programs by now.  Maybe by 2118.  Anyway…

This is the Mechan 9 as seen in the original game:

Mechan 9 Original

And this is the Mechan 9 I have for the remake so far… now, don’t freak out about the colors… those are just to help me identify the different parts of the head.  These colors are not the actual colors you will see in the game.

Mechan 9 Head Prototype