Hello all – it’s been a while, but I promise that have been very busy working on the Starflight remake.  I’m about to reveal a major update to the planet generator, but before I do so, I’d like to bring your attention to a new feature of this website.

The new feature is called “Community” and it’s basically a forum powered by MyBB.  You can get there by clicking on the “Community” link in the menu bar up there, or by clicking here.

In there you will see a section called “Starflight: The Remaking of a Legend” and that is where everything related to this remake will go.  Occasionally I will put out a call for help in the “Dev Corner”, so please pay special attention to that.  Feel free to discuss the game and make feature requests in there the general discussion area as well.  The forum is pretty much bare right now, but that’s only because it is brand new… so it is up to you to post messages and bring it to life!  🙂