First of all, apologies in advance.  I’ve actually been quite busy adding stuff to the remake and neglecting to also make blog posts about them.  So, today will be a catch-up day.  You should expect 3 blog posts (including this one) in my effort to catch you all up on the latest and greatest.

Michael begged me to add in the Starmap feature so he doesn’t get lost in space.  Fine, I said!  🙂

So now we have a starmap feature that is sort of incomplete.  In the original game, while moving around the starmap it would calculate the amount of fuel needed to get to the location you are looking at.  I don’t do that yet.  Also, in the original game, the starmap would automatically add in flux entry and exit points, which I don’t do yet either.  Other than that, the starmap is fully functional.

So these are the things I need to do before I can say this starmap feature gets my stamp of approval:

  • Add in fuel cost estimator
  • Add in flux entry and exit points as they are discovered
  • Reduce the sensitivity of the directional controls (change acceleration curve)
  • Change the purple dot representing your ship to something better

Here is a video of the starmap in action: