I’m back from our holiday trip to Durango, Colorado… and am ready to get back into it!

First up… mighty morphing skyboxes!  I have implemented a custom skybox shader that draws from and blends multiple sources.  I also created different skyboxes for each of the major races that appear in the game.  Their territories are marked on the original Starflight map and I follow it pretty closely.

It works very nicely!  Especially while warping through the continuum fluxes, you can see the colors change due to the territories you pass through.

ALSO: The original game texture maps for all 811 planets are in the remake now! Huge thanks to Michael Gams for getting us over the finish line on this mini-project.

Check the changing skyboxes out in the video below.  I fly up into Spemin territory, then down into Gazurtoid territory.  Then I warp through a continuum flux into Elowan territory, and then back.