The octopus-like aliens, the Gazurtoid, have been brought to life in this Starflight remake!

This is what I based my work off of:

Original Gazurtoid

As you can see, it’s basically an octopus with weird ears, side-looking eyes, and a mouth thing.  Making the model itself wasn’t too difficult… the hard part for me was animating it.  I have not done much bone and skin animations in Max in the past… so, this was a bit of a learning curve for me.  But, I did manage to figure it out and I think I got some pretty decent results out of it.  Real artists can do much better, for sure!  I’m going to put this in the “good enough!” part of my brain and move on.

Here are some images of the build process, and a video of what it looks like when brought into Unity and animated.  Enjoy!