The Thrynn have been born.  They were pretty easy to create since there were already a few pretty decent gecko and lizard models out there on the Internet.  I found one that I could use, but it was in Maya format.  So I installed Maya for the sole purpose of exporting the model out into the FBX format.  I imported the model into 3D Studio Max and then started my work on it.  The only thing I really did to the model was to elongate the snout a bit and to bend the body so it looks like he is standing upright.  I also rigged and skinned the model so it could be animated in Unity.  This is what the Thrynn looked like in the original game:

Original Thrynn

I also built the eyeballs and created the cat eye texture maps for them.  I used the body texture maps that came with the model nearly as-is – the only change being the general color tint.  The original color was brown/tan, and I tinted it to green since that is the color the Thrynn appeared in the original game.  For the background, I found some interesting looking sci-fi wall and used that.

Here are the pictures and video!