Hello all!

Last weekend I decided to go ahead and implement one of the lesser used features of the original game… the ship’s log.  In the original CGA and EGA version, the ship’s log was nothing more than a simple text editor that the player could use to put in notes.  That’s it.  Here is a screenshot of it.

Ships Log

It was just so much easier to use a pen and paper to write stuff down than to use the in-game ship’s log editor.  It’s 2019 so I think we can come up with something slightly better.

Lo and behold, the ship’s log in this Starflight remake is an auto-logger.  The player doesn’t type anything in at all.  All Starport notices, all answers to questions from aliens, and all messages found on planets are automatically logged with the stardate and time.  The player can quickly review all of these log entries using simple up and down navigation.

Here is a video showing all of this in action!