I wanted to somehow re-create the original Starflight music, perhaps find some MIDI file somewhere and record it into a WAV file, perhaps modernize it a bit. Unfortunately, this attempt failed pretty badly. Just about every software out there wants money for converting MIDI to WAV, and all the free ones I could find just did not work. I wasted an hour or so trying to do this.

So I gave up, and tried to find some kind of music generator that would produce anything remotely usable. After trying half a dozen or so of these, I stumbled across Jukedeck.  This site creates music up to 5 minutes in length, with an optional “climax” at some time point.  There are very few controls to fine tune the end result, but it was good enough.  For a while at least.

Then I got bored at how canned the Jukedeck music sounded… so again, I went looking for something better.  That is when I came across Tabletop Audio – they have a bunch of much better quality music.  I picked out two tracks, one called “Ethereal Plane” to use while you are visiting the Arth Starport, and other track called “Los Vangeles 3030” for the intro scene.  The intro scene lasts exactly 35 seconds, with the transition from the first part to the second part happening at the 0:15 mark.  So, I edited the intro scene music (in Adobe Audition) to find a 35 second section where a nice dramatic flourish happens 15 seconds into the playback.  So, that is what I ended up using for music in Starflight.  As I build more areas of the game, I will be coming back to Tabletop Audio to pick out more tracks.