Danger – Continuum Fluxes!

Continuum Fluxes are in!

I made them stealthy and a little bit hard to see when just flying around and not paying attention… just like in the original SF1 game.  And when you do travel through one, perhaps by accident… you will freak out a bit.

I hope you all like my interpretation of the fluxes in SF1.

I created a new space warp shader just for this effect.

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The past few days I worked to refactor the code I have done thus far, to simplify stuff and make it easier to build on.  Then I decided that the next logical step would be to implement hyperspace.  After all, we already have all of the star data, and the UI is basically the same.

Prepare to have your collective minds blown.

Note that the surface of planets for which we have not yet taken screenshots will appear as a random color/gray noise pattern.

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Game Builds

If you have not noticed already, there is a new Download tab at the top of this blog.  Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can download a recent build of the game, without having to download Unity and building the game yourself.  Special thanks to Michael Gams, a software development student, for volunteering to make these builds for you all!

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