And He Saw That It Was Good!

Over the last couple of days, I spent most of my time just polishing things up and making the remake really shine.  I completely updated the astronaut that you control while at starport – he moves around much better.  I uploaded the original mesh to and they were able to skin and rig it much better than I ever could.  Then, I searched for and downloaded a few animations that they had available for it.  Unfortunately, there is no foot tapping animation on Mixamo.  But, I did find a few good ones that I put into the remake.

I also refactored a few small things – like relocated some code to components where it made more sense to belong.  And I fixed quite a few bugs – especially a really nasty save game bug relating to the copy save game feature.  Overall the game feels much more polished, and is ready for new features!

Here are some silly screenshots I took while messing around with the astronaut on Mixamo.

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New Status Display

Just a quick update – I implemented the status display.

On the status display, the “date”, “cargo”, and “energy” are all functional – although for “energy” nothing is actually depleting it yet so it’ll show a constant value.

The rest of the status display – “damage”, “shields”, “weapons” and the two vertical bars – are non-functional at the moment.  They will be made functional when those systems actually get implemented.

New Status Display
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Save Game Manager

Today, I created a brand new save game manager for the Starflight remake.  What this save game manager does is allow you to switch between save games, copy them, and also allow you to reset a save game.

Now you are probably saying, “hey this wasn’t in the original game!”  But, actually, it was.  It was in the form of DOS command line batch files that you could run that would make copies and help you move around your save games.  The remake basically does the same thing, but within the game itself and, of course, in a much more user-friendly way.

In the remake, you are allowed up to 5 save games, and you can switch between any of them, reset any of them, and copy a save game from one slot into another.

The video will show you what I am talking about.

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