Most Harmonious Greetings. Us is Illustrious Veloxi.

All the races are done… pop open that bottle of 1959 Dom Perignon that you have laying around!  Yeah, ignore the fact that I haven’t done the Mysterions yet… but they’re like a 5 minute job (just a bunch of colored spheres).  But all of the *hard* races are done.  Woo hoo!

The Velox turned out really well I think.  I basically started by looking around for free models of insects and came across a decent looking low poly ant one.  I imported it into 3D Studio Max and separated out the parts of the ant’s body into their own meshes so they could be animated using a simple method.  The only parts of the ant that has any rig and skin on it are the antennae.  I made the ant stand “upright”, created some robes for the ant to wear, replaced the eyes with bigger fly-like ones, and created the ship interior (background) from scratch.  I made everything as faithful to the original version as possible:

Velox Original

So here are some screenshots of the work in progress, and a video of how the ant… sorry, I mean Velox, looks animated in Unity.

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Hast Thou or Thine Ever Partaken of Headfruit?

I have never had headfruit.  I don’t even know where to get headfruit around here.  But man, headfruit sure sounds delicious.  🙂

I have grown my little Elowan from scratch!  I’m pretty proud of myself, I must say.  Everything here is built and texture mapped by me, nothing came from the Internet.  To be fair, the Elowan turned out to be a pretty simple model… not a lot of detail.

This is the Elowan in the original game:

Original Elowan

Basically, it is nothing more than some scaled spheres and tapered cylinders boolean’d together and mesh smoothed.  All the texture maps were generated using Filter Forge and Substance Player, with a lot of work done in Photoshop.

As usual, here are the screenshots of the work in progress, and a video of the final Elowan in Unity!

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