I spent quite a bit of time building the Arth Starport model in 3D Studio Max. It was a lot of fun. It was not hard to do at all – after all it’s just a bit of architecture and I’ve always been good at architectural modeling in Max. My primary goal was to make the station very recognizable. I eye-dropped the colors straight from the screen capture, and made the dimensions of the starport itself very similar. One thing I noticed about the starport in the original game, is that it was drawn quite incorrectly from a 3D perspective point of view. That made it a bit challenging to re-make, but I think I managed to do a decent job.

There are only two texture maps on the starport – the first one is the Arth logo which appears on one of the light gray outside panels, and the blue 6 pointed star that appears on the floor.  I made both of these in Illustrator.

The starport in the original game

In 3D Studio Max (editor, and rendered)

In Unity