I am back from vacation! I was in Maine for a family reunion. It was hot and humid and had loads of mosquitoes.

Today, I worked a little bit more on the Starflight map Illustrator file. Using data from the actual Starflight game, I recreated the Starflight map. There are some noticeable differences between the map I made, and the printed map that came with the game. Some of the nebulae are in the wrong positions on the printed map. I will have to fly out my ship to those areas in the original game to verify. I exported a few different versions of the map; a “clean” version which is basically identical to the paper map that shipped with the original game, a version with all of the fluxes drawn in, and a version with all of the alien encounters drawn in. The alien encounters version is incomplete – I have not yet put in all the data for that into Illustrator.


BTW You can find the Illustrator file under the Illustrator\Map folder.

Here are some PDF files that are infinitely scale-able and will look pretty when printed on large paper.

PDF Starflight Map – Clean
PDF Starflight Map – With Fluxes
PDF Starflight Map – With Everything