We Are Go For Launch!

Here is the final launch cinematic sequence.  While working on this I also created the C# script and shader and material for what I call the “Infinite Starfield” effect.  This will be visible when the ship is moving around – basically dust particles that help give the sensation that we are flying around in space.  You can see this effect work at the end of the launch sequence – the dust particles materialize in and move as the ship moves out of the docking bay.

I hope you enjoy watching this!

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Starflight Planets Project

Greetings, Arthlings!

Eventually, I will need data to generate the 811 planets present in the Starflight universe. Towards that end, I have created a sister project called the Starflight Planets Project. Basically, it is just a website that will allow you to upload a specific screenshot for each planet in the game. If you are interested in contributing some of your time to fill in the gaps, visit this link:


Your contribution is very much appreciated! In return, when you give your name when you upload your screenshots, I will make sure that your name (or whatever alias you choose) appears both here on this blog, and in the game itself on a credits screen!

Hopefully, it won’t take too long to collect screenshots for all 811 planets.

The pretty Venus image on the right was taken from here – https://www.dkfindout.com/us/space/solar-system/venus/

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